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Right now, a student is having a learning experience made better by the work that we do.
Investing in education now to impact our future.
One teacher can inspire the lives of many.
Innovation in and outside of the classroom.
Enhancing the quality of education for all.
Top 10 ways to support Red for Ed

We are fortunate to have many community businesses and organizations who are helping us drive traffic to our online Red for Ed Shop as we collect school supplies for Lake County Schools students and teachers.

We thought we’d offer some ideas to help them spread the word about this important campaign.

  1. Post on social media about it! Facebook it, Tweet it, Instagram it, Snapchat friends, Make a TikTok video about it, Pin it on Pinterest. Ask your friends/followers to help share (and ask them to personally donate). Don’t just post about Red for Ed once. Make a few posts about it all month!
  2. Have your web developer put a small banner on your website about it (Sign up to be a Red for Ed affiliate and you’ll have access to graphics and code to post on your website). You and also write a small blog about your involvement, then link to the site for people to donate!
  3. Think about how many emails are sent from your organization. Have everyone add the link to the Red for Ed Shop to their email signatures. It’s a very passive way yet effective way to share the news!
  4. Consider doing a matching donation! It can be $250/$500/$1000/$100,000 whatever makes sense for you and your business.
  5. Put up signage around your facility. An easy way to direct people to the Red for Ed Shop is to include a QR code. It’s easy and free to generate the code. Also you can use to make a customized link so you don’t have a long affiliate link people have to type into their smart phones.
  6. Ask your employees to share your social post/link. Getting your employees involved in the process is encouraged! You can even set up an internal competition to see who gets the most likes for their Red for Ed Shares.
  7. Go into local Facebook groups and share it!
  8. Have a podcast? Mention it!
  9. Send out personal messages to other business owners to get them to sign up as a partner and get involved.
  10. The sky is the limit! Please share your most creative ways that you’ll be promoting Red for Ed. Anyone want to get their car wrapped? 😉