Education Foundation

Right now, a student is having a learning experience made better by the work that we do.
Investing in education now to impact our future.
One teacher can inspire the lives of many.
Innovation in and outside of the classroom.
Enhancing the quality of education for all.

The Educational Foundation serviced 1,444 elementary students during the annual back to school backpack fairs. These students were identified through the free and reduced lunch program and welcomed by invitation only.

Each student in attendance received a brand new backpack, new school supplies, and other back-to-school items made available by our sponsors.

Three different locations were serviced, making the backpacks accessible to all corners of Lake County. These locations include Tavares, Leesburg, and Clermont.

The Educational Foundation is a non-for-profit organization that is the direct support organization for Lake County Public Schools. Our mission is to serve as the connection between our community and public education, evaluating needs and securing resources to enhance the quality of education.