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Summer is the perfect time for you to get that feeling of knowing you’re saving for your child’s future in a flexible, tax-free plan that can work with any budget. If you set up a new Florida 529 Savings Plan account between now and August 15, you will receive a $50 account contribution from our partner, Florida Prepaid College Savings Plans, to get you started!

With a Florida 529 Savings Plan, save what you can, when you can.  

Did you know that just $25 a month put into a Savings Plan over 18 years could grow to $9,000? The Plan provides a flexible way to save for college, and the investment earnings are tax-free as long as funds are used for qualified education expenses, including tuition, fees, room, board, books and supplies. You can even save for K-12 expenses!

A consistent college savings strategy now does not have to be a huge financial burden – and it will help your future college graduate avoid burdensome student loan debt. That’s how you get that 529 Feeling!

Visit to learn more. Use promo code LAKE529 to get $50 added into your new Florida 529 Savings Plan! 

Get the 411 on how 529 plans work by watching this quick video.