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Right now, a student is having a learning experience made better by the work that we do.
Investing in education now to impact our future.
One teacher can inspire the lives of many.
Innovation in and outside of the classroom.
Enhancing the quality of education for all.

Red for Ed” is a colossal, collaborative initiative between Th@t! Company, the Education Foundation of Lake County, plus a multitude of local chambers, clubs, and businesses. The “Red for Ed” initiative aims to raise awareness about the critical need of our local students for the most basic items of food and school supplies.

Over 62% of the Lake County School District’s student population lives at or below poverty level. The Student Services Department reports there are 1,946 homeless students.

This year we have moved our collection drive to the Venetian Center in Leesburg to try and get more businesses to attend. If you’re interested in being a collection site, please email us or check out our Facebook page.

Red for Ed - Collection Site Photo