Education Foundation

Right now, a student is having a learning experience made better by the work that we do.
Investing in education now to impact our future.
One teacher can inspire the lives of many.
Innovation in and outside of the classroom.
Enhancing the quality of education for all.

The Educational Foundation Board of Directors allocates monies each year for direct student and direct district support. These funds can be used for specific needs of teachers, classrooms, school programs, equipment, teacher retention and development. Evaluation criteria includes student impact, longevity, other potential funding sources, and measurable success. Generally, the foundation does not fund individual requests for activities, trips, fees or tuition.  Further more, the foundation does not generally fund band or athletic equipment, uniforms or transportation. Exceptions maybe made on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of the Board. Requests that meet the criteria of the Grants for Great Ideas program will not be entertained unless the program budget is exhausted.

The attached Request for Funding form must be received one week prior to the monthly board meeting (fourth Wednesday of the month). If the request is over $5000 the applicant must receive program approval by a principal, assistant superintendent or superintendent and adhere to the Lake County School Board purchasing policy 7.70. Curriculum requests must have prior approval from the head of the curriculum department.

Program records and receipts must be maintained for 18 months and may be reviewed by the foundation at anytime.

The funding cycle for teachers to submit grants is August – March every year.

Funding Request Form