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The Jacarlene Foundation donated $3,000 to the Lake County Education Foundation. This grant will be used for ACT preparation.

The ACT Reading Prep Program is designed to support students who are at risk of not graduating high school due to low performance in the reading section of the required Florida standardized test. Lake County Public Schools is working in conjunction with the Sylvan Learning Center to develop a highly successful remedial reading program.

Last year, the program included all 8 local high schools which served 516 students. The results yielded 83% of the students involved in the program passed the ACT Reading exam and were able to graduate from high school. This number reflects that 11% of all students that graduated from a Lake County High School, did so because of this program.

The funding will be used to purchase student manuals, teacher lesson plans, training and professional develop services from the Sylvan Learning Center. Students who participate in the program learn, practice and apply these lessons during the school year.

The Educational Foundation of Lake County is a non-for-profit organization that is the direct support for Lake County Public Schools. Our mission is to serve as the connection between our community and public education, evaluating needs and securing resources to enhance the quality of education.