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king james at lady of the lakes ren faire

When King James and his royal court visited his prototypical shire in a Tavares forest last month, they were greeted by thousands of loyal subjects who helped raise a lot of money for the Education Foundation of Lake County, the sole support organization for Lake County Schools.

The Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire, held the first two weekends in November, is the Education Foundation’s largest fundraiser. This year’s event raised 30% more funds than the previous Faire held in 2019.

Attendance was up by 10% over the last festival despite the cancellation of Education Day which is typically held the first Friday of the event. It is open to students and teachers who experience an immersive history lesson at the faire which models a renaissance-era village complete with non-stop entertainment, games, food, vendors and more.

The Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire is scheduled to return on November 4, 5, 6, 12 and 13, 2022. For information about the Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire, visit

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